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The Allen Company Backcountry Buck Kit includes everything you need for your next hunt! The pack provides all the contents you need to pack-out your meat, including 4 quarter-sized game bags, 1 meat bag, a protective sheet, pair of gloves, zip ties, flagging tape, and 1 storage pouch.

The game bags are made of a heavy-duty construction, designed for packing out a white tail, mule deer quarters with an extra meat bag to enjoy those tenderloins right away.

The game bags are made of a highly durable fabric, providing maximum strength to safely carry your contents through the field or when hanging in the trees. Designed with a wicking material, the game bags remain highly breathable, allowing your meat to cool while keeping it protected from insects or debris.

Packed with technical features, these game bags are made with a reflective drawstring cord to easily identify once darkness falls.

Bags are designed with a cinch toggle closure to ensure your meat remains securely fastened and protected.

The storage pouch is made of a Blaze Orange-colored fabric to easily identify when keeping your gear organised.

The kit provides long-term benefits as the bags can be washed and reused for future use. Each bag is labeled with size and care instructions for easy reference and identification to ensure the proper treatment is applied to your investment.

Choose the Allen Company Backcountry Buck Kit as the optimum choice to add to your travel hunting pack.

Pack includes 4 quarter-sized game bags and 1 meat bag.

Each quarter-sized bag (4) measures 20-inches wide x 30-inches long.

Meat bag (1) measures 15-inches wide x 20-inches long.

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