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ESEE Model 6 Black Natural ES6PB011

ESEE Model 6 Black Natural ES6PB011

Esee 6 Black Fixed Blade Knife

ESEE Knives has taken the best features of bushcraft/survival knives and created the outstanding ESEE-6. The ESEE-6 has become a very popular choice for an all-around wilderness/outdoor knife, and for good reason. 

With its 146mm cutting edge and 4.8mm thick 1095 carbon steel blade, it is possibly the best balanced knife ever designed by ESEE Knives. The blade measures 40mm from cutting edge to spine. The 19mm finger choil area right behind the cutting edge makes the knife adept at delicate tasks such as carving, making fuzz sticks, or food preparation. The razor sharp cutting edge is sharpened to approximately 20 degrees, and will hold its edge exceptionally well. 

The blades textured powder coating is exceedingly durable, and will not wear off easily. Although it is longer than the ESEE 5, it is lighter; weighing only 340g it makes a great carry knife without excessive weight. Like most other ESEE Knives, the ESEE 6 features a full flat grind, making it a great all-purpose cutting and precise slicing tool. 

Whether you are in the military, a survivalist or an outdoorsman, this knife will perform well for years to come. While they are adaptable and may be used for all manner of tasks, the ESEE-3 and ESEE-5 models may be considered to be more "tactical" in design, and the ESEE-4 and ESEE-6 may be considered to be "wilderness" knives. 

The ESEE-6 features a flat/rounded pommel, rather than the pointed pommel that comes standard on the ESEE-3 and ESEE-5 series. Each knife comes with a lanyard hole in the pommel. With an overall length of 298mm and a drop point blade style, the ESEE-6 is a great knife for batoning firewood, general woodcraft, or even cleaning of fish. Its design also lends itself very well to field dressing and preparation of large and very large-sized game animals. 

The ESEE-6 is ideal for situations where a larger knife is needed and is still compact enough to make carrying easy. It's a great knife for camp use and for most bushcraft needs. 

The 3D contoured handle is made of Micarta, which is a very durable material, created from soaking layers of cloth material in resin, then compressing them under heat and pressure.


Overall Length : 298mm 

Blade Length : 165mm

Cutting Edge : 146mm

Blade Thickness : 4.8mm 

Blade Material : 1095 High carbon steel with black powder coating 

Blade Grind : Full flat

Blade Style : Drop point

Hardness : 55 - 57 RC

Weight : 369g (Knife Only)Weight : 510g (Knife w/ Sheath)Black moulded sheathNatural canvas micarta 3D handleMade In The USA

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