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Hunters Element Game Sack

Hunters Element Game Sack

Sick of bleaching mums pillow cases after youve had a good hunt? We were too, so we developed a super durable, lightweight, synthetic option that cleans up real easy. The Hunters Element Game Sack comes in two different sizes, the Small will fit a couple of back legs and back straps with ease, while the Large will hold a whole boned out Red Stag. They have two strong handles to make moving them around and hanging them up nice and easy, and a top drawstring that makes sinching the sacks closed a simple job. Obviously the sacks are fly-proof and breath air and blood easily to help stop your hard earned meat from going off. Reflective stitching makes finding the right tree you hung you meat in an easier job in the dark and when not in use the sacks scruntch up into their own little pocket and hide away nice and small in the bottom of your pack.

Drawstring to seal the sack closed

Finely woven, highly breathable synthetic fabric, cleans easily, lets the meat breathe and cool, stops the flies

Durable webbing reinforced seams

Webbing handles

Reflective labelling so you camn find your meat stash or base camp in the dark

Packs down into its own elasticated pocket

Available in two sizes. Small = 30L, Large = 60L

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