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Wilderness Boot Dryer

Wilderness Boot Dryer

No one likes getting into wet boots.

The wilderness boot, shoe & glove dryer is a must have item for those that spend time in the outdoors. The efficient, silent, overnight drying performance means your footwear is both dry & warm the next morning, ready for the day.

A boot dryer is a perfect piece of kit for farmers, hunters, skiers, hikers, motorcyclists and anyone that gets their footwear wet. 

Convection drying is gentle & easy on footwear plus it helps to reduce odor, bacteria & other unwanted issues associated with wet footwear. 

- Silent & gentle convection drying 

- Great for shoes, boots, gumboots & gloves 

- Extends the life of your footwear by drying them correctly

- Reduces odor, mould & bacteria

*Simple assembly required

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